Painting the theme of autumn & fall - Photo Contest 2005

We have covered the other seasons and now is the time to focus on the autumn and fall time of year. In this contest we will allow cheek art, full faces and body painting. PLEASE try to be CREATIVE here. All other guidelines as found at apply. First, second and third place winners will receive certificates of accomplishment. Contest closed Oct 2006.

All photos and text on the SNAZAROO site are protected by copyright. See the above link for more information.

Jacklyn Suiskens

Kerry Clarke

D. Davidson Naomi Faith Meryl Hall
Belgium Devon England Florida USA Bancroft, On Canada
Oct 9, 2006 Sept 28, 2006 Apr 3, 2006 Apr 3, 2006 Feb 8, 2006
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1 2 3 4 5
Christina Davison Ivonne Lizeth Teran Garcia Toni Kimple Lisa Smiley Lisa Smiley
Amarillo, TX Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Monterey County, CA Monterey County, CA Monterey County, CA
Feb 8, 2006 Dec 21, 2005 Nov 2, 2005 Nov 2, 2005 Nov 2, 2005
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6 7 8 9 10
K Magas Ms. Yuliya Sheri Gundry Lieke van Mil Lieke van Mil
Calgary Canada Alaska Whitby, Ontario The Netherlands The Netherlands
Nov 2, 2005 Sept 21, 2005 Sept 21, 2005 Sept 21, 2005 Sept 21, 2005
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11 12 13 14 15
Shannon Fennell Harmony Roth-Shabtai Shannon Fennell Meryl Hall Karen Willis
Grand Prairie, Alberta Giavataim, Israel Grand Prairie, Alberta Bancroft, Ontario Kent, England
Aug 23, 2005, 2005 Jun 23, 2005 Jun 1, 2005 Apr 20, 2005 Mar 16, 2005
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16 17 18 19 20
Helen Eyre Sheryl Nance-Durst Shannon Fennell Mary Bishop Debbie Mann
Bristol, UK Kansas City, MO Alberta, Canada Kent UK Israel
Mar 16, 2005 Mar 16, 2005 Mar 16, 2005 Feb 8, 2005 Feb 2, 2005
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21 22 23 24 25
Aline Backes Aline Backes Daems Heidi Amy Leichty  Toni Scholes
Sevierville, TN Sevierville, TN Belgium/ Antwerp Sun City CA Cheshire, UK
Jan 18, 2005 Jan 18, 2005 Dec 1, 2004 Nov 30, 2004 Nov 15, 2004
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All photos on this page are protected by copyright.

When you submit photos for any contest they will remain posted. Any changes in text or removal of photo at a later date requires a $5 administration fee.

Other rules.... read this carefully!
1) You may not enter any photo that you have entered before
2) You may not use acrylics or any non-FDA approved face paint in any form. You are otherwise allowed to use any FDA compliant face paint.
3) If your photo is very fuzzy or out of focus it will not be entered. There is no excuse here because we are willing to scan the photo(s) for you.
4) Do not take your photo from 20 feet away. Get as close to your art work as possible. We want to see the art not your entire living room.

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